Phone:+299 31 40 30 Emergency:+299 48 64 37
+299 31 40 30 +299 48 64 37

Guest Docks

When planning to dock at the Port of Nuuk please help us with the below required information in advance. Thank you!

The Port of Nuuk has limited berth capacity. In certain periods throughout the year demand exceeds available wharf capacity. The Port reserves the right to coordinate and reduce lay time, move vessels to anchor or alter berth position to provide most vessels the possibility to load/discharge.

The Port of Nuuk requires a 24-hour notice to the Port Office prior arrival, for available berth arrangement.

Information required in the 24-hour notification:


  • ETA
  • Duration of stay
  • Vessel Specification (LOA & draft/draught)
  • If Nuuk is your first port of call in Greenland (IMPORTANT!)


Notification can be made via or +299 48 64 37.

Port Office will notify Customs and Police for Passport Control if Nuuk Port is the first port of call in Greenland.

Before berthing please contact the Port Office on VHF Channel 12 or +299 48 64 37 (Outside Office Hours)

Please report to Port Office within office hours and as soon as possible after arrival for payment of harbour dues. 

For rates and regulations click here.


Welcome to the Port of Nuuk!