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Several berths in Nuuk Port are approved ISPS-facilities and follows the rules according to the ISPS-code. Unless otherwise informed, the security-level is level one.

The Container terminal is a regular ISPS-facility.
Ny Atlantkaj, Feederkaj, Skonnertkaj, Gl. Atlantkaj and the Tidal stairs are on/off facilities meaning that the facilities will be converted to ISPS-facilities if required. 

  • All ISPS areas are fenced off
  • All ISPS areas are under camera surveillance
  • Only authorized personnel can access ISPS-areas
  • Security guard is posted at the gate

24-hours prior to arrival, pre-arrival documentation must be delivered to the port authorities on or through the agent. The documentation must contain the following:

  1. A copy of the ship’s ”International Ship Security Certificate” (to be delivered only at the first calling).
  2. The last 10 ports that were called into.
  3. A record of the crew.
  4. A record of passengers if there are passengers on board.
  5. List of crew shifts, if any, during the stay in Greenland.
  6. List of visitors on board during the stay in Greenland.
  7. List of firms and companies to deliver goods or services during the ship’s stay in Greenland.

ISPS in Greenland

Greenland has adopted both the SOLAS convention and the ISPS code that are global regulations regulated by the UN maritime organization, International Maritime Organiza-tion (IMO). Greenland has not adopted the supplementary regulations and legislation that Denmark has adopted under the auspices of the EU and thus only answers to the ISPS code proper.

The ISPS code applies to ships on international voyages, defined as:

  • All passenger ships with more than 12 passengers, incl. high-speed ferries.
  • Cargo ships of 500 GT and upwards, incl. high-speed ferries.
  • Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU).

Exempt from the above are:

  • War ships and troop carrying ships.
  • Cargo ships of less than 500 GT.
  • Ships not propelled by mechanical means:
    • Sailing ships without auxiliary engines.
    • Barges etc. without own means of propulsion.
  • Wooden ships of primitive construction.
  • Fishing vessels or vessels not used for commercial purposes.


Download and read the Info folder regarding ISPS below.